Monday, September 22, 2014

Product review Update

• Get free samples (2 to 10) a month by simply logging in once a month, selecting the freebee’s and clicking order. No fee’s or shipping costs, just need to complete product survey’s within 1 month of receipt. WARNING: Must log on at the date/time requested in order to maximize available samples.

Sample Source:
• Get free samples but it happens quarterly and very sporadic. No fee’s or shipping costs.

Influenser: Use a link below or message me and I can give you a referral link.
• Fill in some survey’s and they assign an appropriate “voxbox” that fits you. I recently got #surfsup box which came with after tan lotion, pain medicine drink, shampoo and conditioner & nail polish. All delux samples except nail polish. No fee’s or shipping costs. I received a few tasks (take a picture of your nails polished and post on twitter) and then a survey link at the end. The more social networking friends you have the higher a score you get. You can increase your score by doing reviews and snaps. Boxes are about 1 every other month.

BzzAgent: Use a link below or message me and I can give you a referral link.
• Full product testing for reviews on websites like Amazon, Walmart or Toysrus. No fee’s or shipping costs. They also might ask you to complete 1 of 5 postings on social media. I’ve received Baby A live ($40) and Little People garage ($40). When I signed up though it took about an hour to complete all the surveys/pulses. You get 1 or 2 a week after but honestly, completing them got me toys which are SWEET! I also got dog food and face cream.

• I’ve gotten gummy vitamins (sample size), Crest Prohealth tooth paste and Hand wash. No fee’s or shipping costs. You just need to complete some tasks like post on FB, tweet & get 10 people to click on a link of an ad for the product. The more you do the higher the score and more you get. You fill out a screener survey prior to getting that product. EASY!

New Trent:
• Sign up, get invites to complete via survey monkey & then get emails with codes to purchase it on Amazon. All you have to do is give amazon feedback. Simple! So far, I’ve gotten phone cases, stylists & plus in charges for dual USB cords to wall or car.

Need a blog- Can be brand new. They post about 10 to 15 new products daily and you just log in and apply. Application is very short for each. I’ve received a hair straighter, face cream, bird house, children’s books, hangers, baking mats & some type of natural supplements. Requirements are simply to write a blog and possibly post on FB, Amazon or Tweet. For each product there is a min amount of facebook & twitter connections. The min is usually 100. You usually get a code to order it via Amazon so if you have Prime, it’s a bonus to get it quicker than anyone else.

• Honestly, I’m not sure how this works. They do a lot of twitter parties but I just keep answering quickhits and it has gotten me nothing!

Amazon James Armstrong:
• This guy has total PMS and is a bit unorganized BUT I’ve gotten supplements, face creams, Ipod holders & chargers. All you have to do is sign up and Opt in when he posts on facebook. He’ll send an amazon link with code and require you confirm you ordered & when you reviewed. If you don’t review, he kicks you out of the group….if you ask too many questions, he kicks you out of the group. Total PMS

Amazing Deals:
• Signed up a month ago- Got an email for a credit card knife but shipping was $5. Not worth it.

Brand Backer:
• Similar to Tomoson but a lot less products to choice from. Just started- nothing yet after a month.

Tree of Life:
• Their product reviews on Blog & Amazon. They you Amazon codes to get their product for review. Nothing after a month.

• $10 credit when you sign up (and I get one too). Tons of stuff for $10 and you just pay shipping of $2 or $3. I got a couple referrals of $10 which you can’t combine. I’ve spent $18 dollars of my own money but got 2 sweaters, a color changing nail polish, nail soakers & a Frozen “anna” costume. Most of that $18 was shipping costs.

• Got free Snuggle Scents & they add on their products regularly for testing. So far, 20 Pk of Snuggle scents for the washer 

• You get $10 credit to sign up online and another $10 credit when you download the app. It’s second hand nice stuff. $20 bucks off got me a small coach purse and it was pretty nice for like $10 with shipping.

• Signed up but didn’t go anything. You get goodies for blogging, just not sure how good the goodies are 

Veo: (Must download app)
• Can get samples for free. Only able to get 2 samples thus far in 2 weeks and apparently takes 6 weeks to ship.

Red Earth Natural:
• For bloggers- signed up 9/19- nothing thus far.